Pet Yards™
a Retail and services development

Pet Yards™ unites compatible businesses, offering affordable leases and collaborative marketing. From Fish Gallery's aquatic experiences to Yard Dog's premium dog care.

Coming Soon: Galleria Pet Yards Houston, TX

Our second location is under construction, minutes from the Galleria area of Houston.

Cy-Fair Animal Hospital opens third location.

A new state of the art facility opens at Addison Pet Yards.

Pet Farmers Market.

First of its kind to debut May 20th at Addison. Open air market with over 15 vendors showcasing pet related crafts and services.

Why Choose Us

Elevating Retail Success

Harnessing 30+ years in retail, we introduce Pet Yards™ nationwide. Adapting to 2020's retail shifts, we bridge tenant-customer gaps, offering affordable rents and innovative cross-market tactics. Amid online shopping pressures, Pet Yards™ empowers profitable tenant ventures while staying consumer-competitive, redefining brick-and-mortar viability.

Girl At Work In Pet Store And Grooming Dog
Family buying supplies for little puppy in petshop
Our Services

What We Do

Uniting community through events and eco-care. From adoption drives to green practices, we create enriching, sustainable experiences.

Collaborative Retail

Pet Yards™ creates a space where pet businesses synergize for mutual growth and customer engagement.

Pet Enrichment

Elevate pets' lives with our diverse offerings, from Fish Gallery's aquatic wonders to Yard Dog's premier canine care.

Innovative Spaces

Pet Yards™ offers innovative leasing solutions that empower businesses, fostering growth and success within our dynamic community.

What Our Clients Say

Customers praise Pet Yards™ for its harmonious blend of pet businesses, affordable leasing, and collaborative marketing, enhancing their pet-loving experiences.

Our Partners

Recent Projects

What We Have Done

Pet Yards™ proudly introduced collaborative spaces for pet businesses, fostering growth and innovation. Our eco-friendly initiatives further underscore our commitment to excellence and sustainability.